The Top Things To Do in Vancouver

Brilia/ May 17, 2020/ Travel

Vancouver is regularly near the top of the ‘world’s most liveable city’ lists, and its diverse range of options makes this no surprise. Vancouver offers the sea and the mountains together, very few places can offer both ski and surf, whilst it is also filled with indoor delights and culinary excellence. Here we look at some of the top things to do on a visit to Vancouver.

Stanley Park

Arguably the best urban park in the world, Stanley Park is an enormous 1,000 acres and offers beaches, an aquarium, botanical gardens, a golf course and stunning views of the mountains. The park is filled with tree-lined trails to enjoy, and many people choose to hire bikes and cycle the entire perimeter of the park. Lucky spotters can see beavers, raccoons and coyotes, and on certain days it’s even possible to spot whales out to sea in the distance. History buffs can visit its aboriginal village sites, while the less culturally inclined can simply lie back in the beaches or gardens to catch some rays. Stanley Park is Vancouver in microcosm, bursting with a huge range of choices and surprising delights.
Vancouver began in the trendy neighborhood now known as Gastown and was filled with lumber mills and grimy, industrial workers. These days, Gastown is one of the cultural centers of Vancouver and boasts European eateries, flashy boutiques and quaint art galleries. It is also home to the live music venue Guilt & Co, which is famous for its eclectic mix of jazz, soul and even burlesque depending on the night.

Canada is hockey-mad, and ice hockey is the national winter sport of the nation. For a true taste of Canadian sporting culture, head to Rogers Arena to see the Vancouver Canucks in action. The Canucks have a proud history but are still yet to win the famous Stanley Cup, with the team currently at odds of 16/1 to reach the summit of the NHL and ice hockey by finally lifting the iconic trophy. A visit to the Rogers Arena, especially within the luxury of its premium rental suites, would certainly provide a visceral experience of the fervent support for the Canucks and the Canadian passion for ice hockey in general.
Granville Island
A short aqua bus to Granville Island is a must-do for tourists in Vancouver looking to spend an afternoon among fabulous food markets, trendy art galleries and lovely green spaces. The island used to be a waterfront industrial site but now offers a range of artisan interpretations of local delicacies and international favorites. Try fine chocolates, sip on premium teas and watch the world go by as boats sail by the docks. The myriad options available in Vancouver along with its vast green spaces make it no surprise that the city ranks as one of the happiest places to live in the world. Its diversity of people also means it has a huge range of culinary delights from across the globe, whilst also delivering local Canadian favorites like poutine to perfection. Green, clean and incredibly safe – Vancouver offers a smorgasbord of wonderful experiences for tourists in one of the most scenic city locales in the world.

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