The Top Things To Do in Vancouver

Brilia/ May 17, 2020/ Travel

Vancouver is regularly near the top of the ‘world’s most liveable city’ lists, and its diverse range of options makes this no surprise. Vancouver offers the sea and the mountains together, very few places can offer both ski and surf, whilst it is also filled with indoor delights and culinary excellence. Here we look at some of the top things

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Miami is the Most ROLEX Obsessed City in the World

Brilia/ May 12, 2020/ Travel

A new study by Est1897 has shown which cities are most likely to invest in a Rolex! With an average cost of $9,700 per piece, in which cities are citizens most likely to sport a Rolex watch? The study officially names Miami as the Rolex capital of the world, as there are more searches than residents in the city. But

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