Businesses Today Have to be Prepared for Radical Shifts in Their Supply Chain

Brilia/ October 12, 2020/ Travel

Earlier this week Oracle Netsuite, a platform integrating front and back office business applications on Agen ceme online, announced a flurry of innovations to help their customers adjust and succeed in the current environment, and beyond. And before the announcement I was able to catch up with Evan Goldberg, Founder and EVP of Oracle Netsuite, to learn more about the new developments, as well as to get his take on how his customers are adjusting eight months into the pandemic.

Below is an edited transcript of a portion of our conversation. To hear the full interview click on the embedded SoundCloud player.
Evan Goldberg: I think some of these changes, they won’t turn back. I mean, we have a company, Bedford Industries, that made ties for bread packaging, and they retooled really quickly to make PPE. They were making it just to help local hospitals, et cetera, but they found that they had so much demand for it that they… and this is a B2B company, but they put up a direct to consumer website on NetSuite, in a few days, and suddenly they were selling PPE to the general public. I don’t know whether they’ll continue to do that, but I think that the fact that they saw that they there’s a channel there for them to sell direct to consumer is probably pretty interesting, and I think the eyes have maybe been opened for a lot of companies.

Small Business Trends: Talk about the power of the platform, because customer experience has never been more effected by things like supply chain management before, and if you don’t have that right, the effect it has on the customer experience can be tragic.

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