5 Top Yoga Retreats for Couples to Visit

Brilia/ February 13, 2020/ Travel

Some things are just better as a couple, whether or not you know each other well. One is being in the perfect location so you can concentrate on each other and the other is yoga. Couples yoga retreats can benefit any relationship, new or old whether you’ve been in love for years or you’ve just found someone you want to

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Lake Placid Lodge: Pure Adirondacks, Pure Bliss

Brilia/ February 12, 2020/ Travel

The sweet, intoxicating fragrance of cedar and balsam pine is the first thing that hits you when you arrive at Lake Placid Lodge, a beloved 19th century mountain camp transformed into a lodge of unparalleled rustic splendor. Lake Placid is the jewel of the Adirondacks, clear, cold in winter, strewn with leafy islands waiting to be explored in summer. This is a

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The Best Luxury Honeymoon Spots

Brilia/ February 1, 2020/ Travel

Wedding planning makes use of several simple tips to help couples implement that perfect honeymoon. We understand the need for an alluring, serene, comfortable, and affordable destination for loved ones to light the spark in their new marriage. When you are planning a vacation with your loved one, you want everything to be perfect. Money, climate, as well as socio-economic

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